Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi blog walkers!!
Just for your information STE will starts selling breads & buns insyaAllah by next week. We also able to do delivery along the way from Meru to Shah Alam/ thru Seksyen U10~  Seksyen U8. Orders also open for bulk purchase especially for kindy/ school field trip, pot luck parties, school canteen/ kenduri or for any event you might think possible. Varieties of breads and buns will be uploaded from time to time.

Our menu at the moment:

1) Choc Raisin Buns
2) Potato Buns
3) Butter Rolls
3) Choc Stuffed Buns
4) Cheese Stuffed Buns
5) Crabstick Buns
7) Sausage Vege Buns

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