Friday, September 28, 2012


Selamat bersiaran..lamanya i tak update blog ni kan...jap nak sapu hah new items offered by STE..Kami ada CAKE/ TRIFLE in JAR..... 

Flavors available on demand:
1. Red Velvet with cream cheese topping - RM6/ jar
2. Sponge cake layered with fruity filling of your choice and fresh cream- RM5/ jar 
     (you can choose your own colour/ flavor of your cake)
     Choices: a) Orange filling
                   b) blueberry filling
                   c) kiwi filling
                   d) strawberry filling
3. Triple Choc ( Moist Choc Cake, with Choc sauce and Choc Chips & Nuts - RM10/jar
4. Choc Caramel Cake (Choc Moist cake with caramel & fresh cream)- RM6/ jar

TRIFLES (RM5/ jar)

1. Blackforest Trifle (Butter Crunch cookies, Choc Moist cake, black cherry, fresh cream and blueberry filling)
2. Custard cream Trifle (Vanilla sponge cake, custard cream, orange filling)
3. Strawberry Trifle- Vanilla Sponge Cake, strawberry filling and custard cream)


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