Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday goodie pack

INTRODUCING STE goodie pack for birthdays.....contains homemade & healthy souvenir and beautiful goodie box to cheerish your lil' ones birthday party. Price varies according to items in the goodie box and their sizes...

****gambar di atas adalah order dari Puan Azlina MBB utk birthday
anaknya- Nurin pada hari ini- Happy 6th Birthday Nurin****
As the above pic, the goodie box includes:
1. Decorated gift box- worth RM1.80 each
2. Vanilla Muffin (other flavor: Choc Chips & Choc)- worth RM1.20each
3. Fancy Cookies (varies according to your selected theme size from 2.5cm up to 5cm)- price varies according to size)- in the photo RM2.50each
4. Embossed sticker (vary according to your request as per selected theme)- RM2.00each
5. Sweets- complimentary
TOTAL charges per box (as in the photo)- RM5 (Retail Price: RM7.50)

***the decorative boxes comes in various design & sizes (will update the design pretty soon)
***should you need only the boxes as in the above pic; we can supply to you too, the price varies according to your requested quantity
1- 20- RM1.80 each
21- 50- RM1.50 each
more than 50- RM1.00

WILL UPDATE MORE items soon to make your party more lively...See you soon!!!!

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