Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vanilla Muffin- Muffin Series

Muffins also NOW available@STE. Its HOMEMADE recipe NOT from regular pre- mix muffin flour.
1) Regular: vanilla (topped with corn niblets), choc (topped with choc chips) & Choc Banana Muffin
2) Premium: Strawberry (contains fresh strawberry) and blueberry (with blueberry fillings), Choc Marble
Sizes & prices:
* Mini muffins- Regular: 8pcs/ pack- RM1 (no topping)
- Premium: Not Available
* M size - Regular: RM1.20/ pc (min. quantity 25)
>50pcs but <100pcs=> 100pcs= RM0.80each

- Premium: 25pcs/ set= RM65.00
50pcs/ set= RM120.00
>50 but <100pcs=>100pcs= RM2.00
* L size (muffin cup)- Regular: RM2.00 each
- Premium: RM2.80 each

****should you need individual packing as above- please add RM0.50 each; If more than 100pcs please add RM0.30 each

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